My involvement with the Save our Seas Foundation began in 2006 when I took on the role of Chief Photographer. What followed were four consecutive years spent in the field documenting SOSF funded projects and expeditions all over the world. After a brief hiatus I returned to SOSF in 2012 to take up the position of Director of Conservation. In that role I continue to refine and expand the foundations expertise in communicating beyond the boundaries of traditional scientific publications. I place a very special focus on using great photography and refined storytelling to accomplish real world conservation goals. I aim to stretch the foundations already solid commitment to early career scientists to also include emerging photographers and environmental journalists. Developing the SOSF Marine Conservation Photography Grant was the first step to inspire and create new opportunities for the next generation of conservation photographers. 

In the effort to protect our oceans, the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife (especially sharks and rays) and their habitats. Since 2003 SOSF has funded 160 projects in 50 countries across the globe. Each project strives for deeper understanding and more innovative solutions in marine research, conservation and education. SOSF seeks the best and brightest people whose innovative projects make a real and lasting impact for the health of our oceans – and ultimately for every person on the planet.

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